O Canada!

Good evening all, or should I say good morning?! So, I’ve finally got enough time and internet to start writing this blog (hooray!), which means you can now start learning about what we’ve been up to so far on our travels day by day, of course, if this is of any interest to you…

After waiting for what seemed like years, the 17th September finally arrived. Nervous and excited, we woke up early to travel to Gatwick in order to grab some breakfast with my sister & her fiancé before jetting off on our big Canadian adventure. Check-in was smooth, breakfast was amazing and the company was perfect; however, much to our dismay, we arrived to find out our flight had already been delayed by 40 minutes. The wait didn’t seem too long as it allowed us to get to grips with the fact that we were actually leaving…TODAY to CANADA for 10 long months! I have to say, I wasn’t expecting great things from a flight that only cost us £189 one-way, but it went above and beyond my expectations. Airtransat had a good selection of movies, of which my boyfriend Tim and I both made the most of, watching 3 films each. There were a few complimentary drinks, a hot panini, a bag of pretzels and pizza to indulge in and combined with only minor turbulence and a smooth landing this made for an easy & relaxing flight (shout out to the pilot that day, you did good).

Arriving on the other side of the world did have its complications though. We got our work permits with no problems, although we didn’t anticipate that getting shuttle trains, subways and trains would be quite so confusing! After going the wrong way on the shuttle train out of the airport, we were pointed in the right direction by a nearby Canadian and from then on it wasn’t too difficult, apart from lugging around just over 30kg worth of belongings. We asked the lady in the metro station which way to walk to our Airbnb host, to which she replied ‘it would take about 15/20mins to walk’ and then proceeded to let us on the metro for free as it was only 1 stop away. Again, thank you to the metro lady, your kindness did not go unnoticed! During our journey, Tim managed to get a compliment about his hoodie (Arizona coyotes), which is odd considering they are an American team.

We finally arrived at our home for the next few days, tired and sweaty and were very appreciative of a lovely warm shower. We decided to check out one of our host’s recommendations for dinner – ‘The Mugshot Tavern’ and it was a welcome suggestion. Massive burgers, chips and local beer accompanied by the opening game of the ice hockey world cup (of which we were unaware was even a thing) was just what we needed on our first night in Toronto.


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