Pandas, Phones & Pain

Day 3 in Toronto

Today we bid farewell to the couple from Edmonton who were also staying in our AirBnb house and they were kind enough to leave us some more eggs (yay). We had a relatively early morning so that we could make the most of our day at Toronto Zoo. The cost of our trip which included both the bus and subway (unlimited trips within the day) was $12 each – if only London was that cheap. We arrived at the zoo to find we had forgotten to charge the camera the night before so we had to be strategic about which animals we really wanted good photos of. It was yet another full day on our feet and it HURT. However, we were fortunate enough to make it around almost all of the zoo considering it was enormous. Some of the various animals we saw were: snow leopards, kangaroos with the keeper, Sumatra tiger, rhinos, lynx, hyena, cougar, jaguar, grizzly bears, lemurs & moose as well as polar bears (practice for Churchill) and of course giant pandas – their main attraction. From this long day at the zoo, I came out with yet another Canadianism/Americanism (zeebra instead of zebra) – oops. The journey back felt longer than the way there and was made worse by an annoying man who thought it necessary to share his phone conversation with the rest of the bus and who evidently had someone equally annoying on the other side who wouldn’t let him hang up despite the number of times he had said his phone battery was low!


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