Bacon, Bays & Bathrooms

Elmira to Tobermory

We woke up after a refreshing night to get ready for the next leg of our road trip, but not before a hearty fry up made by the lovely Leah & Blaine (one of my sister’s friends from uni). A bit of home with bacon, scrambled egg, hashbrowns and a Canadian twist with real Canadian pancakes, maple syrup and the most incredible banana and chocolate chip muffins I have ever had (YUM)! I was privileged enough to see Blaine’s large collection of ice hockey and soccer tops; I think I counted about 20 (apparently there used to be even more)!

We made the drive up to Owen Sound to see some waterfalls and paid a visit to the tourist information centre, where 2 lovely ladies were more than happy to give us some ideas of things to go and see before heading off. We were fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of Salmon jumping at the fish ladder/mill as well as visiting Inglis falls, walking through a forest and seeing more enormous Salmon jumping up river. We also popped in to see the Indian falls but they weren’t so impressive.

Our next stop along the coast was Big Bay where we stopped for some much needed stone skipping, amazing views, crashing waves and incredible shades of blue water. We drove through Wiarton which we were advised didn’t have much to do except from the famous Wiarton Willie the Groundhog (if he doesn’t see his shadow it will be an early Spring) – Canada’s version Punxsutawney Phil from the film Groundhog Day. We stopped in Lionshead for some dinner where they had an all you can eat fish and chip night; however, with our track record of struggling to eat a normal sized Canadian meal we decided against it and were also saving ourselves for the fish in Gore Bay on Manitoulin Island.

After dinner, we continued our drive to Cyprus Lake Campground which was enormous and had little camp pitches surrounded by trees, although not completely secluded. We were told to be aware of bears, foxes and other wildlife and not to leave food outside (ahh). We proceeded to convert the back of our SUV into a bed which was rock solid so not very comfy at all and thus we didn’t have the best night’s sleep. The toilets stank which was grim, they needed Glastonbury inspired compost toilets and also maybe some lights!


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