Ferries, Foxes & Fish

Tobermory to Batchawana Bay

Considering my phone had died so I couldn’t set an alarm, we woke up just in time as we had to be in Tobermory to catch the ferry at 7:50am. We saw a fox just wondering down the path which looked straight at us with its big bushy orange and white tipped tail before walking away. We arrived at the harbour to find we had somehow booked 2 spaces but luckily didn’t get charged (phew). Tim had found this place called Craigie’s Harborview Restaurant which was supposed to do amazing breakfasts but when we got there it was packed, obviously everyone else had the same idea so we had to give it a miss. Instead we ate some apples and some leftover banana & chocolate muffins before boarding the ferry to Manitoulin Island. It was a 2 hour ride with beautiful views of lighthouses and islands with lush dark blue water. They also had these cool deckchairs on the back deck which were all painted different colours, similar to some we had seen in Big Bay.

Once we had got off the ferry we attempted to go and do the Great Spirit Circle Trail, but we arrived to find it was closed so we decided to fill up on fuel before going to Bridal Veil Falls. It didn’t look like a real petrol station (as do a lot of them in Canada!) as it wasn’t branded or anything, anyway this guy comes out asks how much, fills the tank for us and we hand him the cash, the most bizarre petrol station experience. We saw the falls which were pretty cool and had a short walk where Tim decided he didn’t want photos taken of him so then ruined all my photos by making silly faces.

We headed to Gore Bay for lunch, which was one of our best decisions so far. It was a picturesque harbour, full of enormous and small boats which were all being well covered ahead of the winter to come. We had lunch in Buoys Eatery where I had a Panzerotti (basically a calzone) and Tim had some local freshly caught fish and potato wedges, it was truly heavenly. We had a little stroll around the harbour and admired the stunning views as a guy enjoyed a short sail around in his little boat.

We drove over the swing bridge which took us off the Island into Northern Ontario and popped into Tim Horton’s for our first experience of their donut selection and to fuel up on coffee. This time it was a pumpkin spiced donut as it was on sale and is apparently all the rage at the moment – it was so tasty. We then continued on towards Sault St Marie, stopping at the lock just in time to see the sun setting past the bridge into the USA.

It was already getting dark by the time we popped into a shop to grab some bits of food, which made our journey to find the next campsite rather difficult and combined with the lack of lights on the roads we missed the turn off. Fortunately, it wasn’t very far before we could turn around and we arrived at about 9:30pm and were greeted by a lovely couple and their two gorgeous dogs. We parked up for the night, ate sweaty meet and cheese sandwiches and guacamole and spicy Doritos and attempted to sleep in the front seats to see if it was any more comfortable.


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