Walking, Water & Wawa

Batchawana Bay to Wawa

Having tried out the front seats, I woke up with slightly swollen toes due to the fact that my knees were bent but it was slightly comfier than the rock solid back seats. We went to pay the lady for letting us park and use the toilet and a warm shower but she told us to keep our money and to have a safe trip! We set off on the road again towards Agawa bay visitors centre where a nice lady pointed out some good hikes and scenic sights/stops near Lake Superior.

Our 1st stop was Sand River/Pinguisibi we saw some guys fishing in the water and saw some more awesome waterfalls and rocks. Our 2nd stop was Katherine’s Cove where there was a lush beach with really soft fine sand and Tim daringly went into the water up to his knees which he says was a little cold but nothing he couldn’t handle! The 3rd stop was Orphan Lake. Here we changed into our hiking gear, had some Dorito sandwiches (we had nothing else) and set off on our 8km hike. At the beginning of our hike we bumped into 2 other couples who had obviously just finished who were chirpy and wished us a good hike, little were we to know this would be our last human contact for a little while! There were 4 lookouts along the way, the first was over a mini lake, the second over Lake Superior from a high viewing point, the 3rd from a higher viewing point but a place which we had to walk for what seemed like forever to find out what we were supposed to be looking for and the final one was over a lovely little waterfall where we were greeted by a cute little fluffy dog and a family. Our hike consisted of loads of big, medium and small rocks and was constantly going up and down for no real reason. The declines were the worst because just when you thought you should be going up, there would be another downhill section which never ended and you knew there would have to be a never ending uphill bit to get back to where we started! We saw a little snake and a tiny little reddish coloured squirrel along our way which was screeching and just hung by its back legs upside down on the tree looking at us while munching on some food (it was kind of cute but the noise was very annoying). OH, and there were SO many dragonflies! Both Tim and I had massive one’s land on us which was cool, but sadly we didn’t meet any bears or moose. In other news, I developed an obsession with taking photos of multi-coloured mushrooms because they were literally everywhere in every colour you could imagine!

Our 4th stop was Trapper’s where we briefly visited to see if we could spot any Beavers and there was a cool little walkway giving you an awesome view of loads of autumn coloured trees. The 5th stop was Old Woman’s Bay where apparently people can see an old woman in the rocks (we didn’t find it) and where we walked along the beach trying to find the soft, pebble-less sand and dipped our toes in the freezing cold water!

Once we had finished stopping everywhere, we eventually arrived at our campsite in Wawa where we managed to get a small discount of $3 off our camping fee. The town felt empty and deserted apart from 3 massive goose statues (the Wawa goose), Tim Horton’s and one relatively alive-looking restaurant called The Viking where we had fish & chips and spicy buffalo chicken fingers (YUM) and tried to understand the ins and outs of baseball on the TV. We picked a camping spot near the river, although by the time we got back it was dark anyway so we couldn’t really appreciate it all that much, oh yes and it started to rain – A LOT. Apart from being inside the car, the showers/toilets were the only other place of shelter where there was a baby bath that didn’t look big enough even for a newborn and had no plug! And that was the end of that day.


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