Rain, Rocks & Rivers

Wawa to Pukaskwa

It wasn’t a great night’s sleep again as I tried sleeping across the back seats and was only made worse by my nightmare of creepy crawlies and being chased by some sort of cross between a sting ray and jellyfish. The upside was the nice warm refreshing shower which warmed us up from the even more cold rain. We thought we’d treat ourselves to breakfast as it had been so miserable and we ended up in Tim Horton’s (where else?!) having a B.E.L.T bagel and tea – it was beautiful. It was a BLT but with egg (England needs to adopt this version, it’s better), Tim also treated me and bought me a pumpkin spiced donut because I now love them and I had fun skyping my parents whilst they tried to find the Tim Horton’s café we were in. It was yet another non-stop miserable, rainy English day (I thought we had traveled far enough to avoid this weather!) so we drove straight to our next campsite as there wasn’t anything to see along the way. We arrived at about 12:30pm to find the only thing they had were compost loos because the campsite office was shut, but that was ok. We had some Dorito and ham sandwiches for lunch and contemplated what we could do in the rain.

We decided to brave the weather and do 6 out of 7 trails (the last one was too long), which took us about 4 hrs to do 8km in the wet, slippery, cold rain. There was the Bimose Kinoomagewnan walk (a.k.a ‘Walk of Teachings’) which teaches you the 7 Grandfather teachings from Ojibway elders & youth – Love, honesty, respect, wisdom, truth, humility and bravery as well as the Hattie Cove Fire walk where in 2012 there was a ‘prescribed fire’ give way to new growth (the others were the Boardwalk Beach trail, Beach trail, Southern Headland trail, Manito Miikana trail and a short section of the White River Suspension Bridge trail). As expected it was very wet but there were some amazing views, crazy waves and enormous amounts of rocks which were a little bit dangerous but oh well, we survived. We didn’t see any moose or beavers though which was sad. We overheard a couple from Michigan talking to the campsite host about their trek that morning and how they had a moose looking straight at them and how they saw beavers too (totally not fair)! 

We were hoping to have a fire that evening to try and dry off my shoes and bottom of my trousers, however, the host wasn’t very helpful and said we had to give exact change. It was like $6.70 for a bag and the guy said he could do us a deal of 3 bags for $20 – now if you do the maths that’s not really a deal and when we said we didn’t have enough small change he then said maybe we could buy two bags which would have been $13.40 – again not very helpful considering we had about 30cents in change! So we trudged back to our car in our soggy clothes and didn’t have a fire. Instead we had more ham and Dorito sandwiches followed by some very sweet maple syrup cookies from our Niagara Falls trip.

As we’d exhausted all others things to do, we sat in our car thinking of what we were going to do the next day and planned to wake up early and leave just in case we could catch a glimpse of some moose! We decided to pass time by looking through some photos, listening to music and also discovering that the car had the ability to heat the front seats and steering wheel and that there was a mains plug – you learn something new every day, even in the rain.


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