Borders, Bison & Birds

Kenora to Winnipeg

We awoke to find two young deer outside just staring at us whilst eating from our host’s garden which was pretty cool. Apparently the highest rate of death in Banff is due to Elk (not sure about that though)! Our host asked if we could put something in her visitor’s book so we proceeded to draw some artwork in her book before heading for Winnipeg. We left about 20 mins late but fortunately we’d given ourselves 3 hrs to get to Fort Whyte Alive for our Bison Safari. It was picturesque leaving Kenora and seeing its many 100’s of islands. Today was the day we left Ontario and moved onto our next province Manitoba, after driving almost 2,500km so far. It was obvious once we had passed the border as the landscape was so different with fewer trees, more wide open spaces and big estates and commercial buildings.

The bison safari was good fun and we managed to get some good shots of the massive and smaller bison of the herd. We also decided to walk around the trails on the site and saw loads of geese, squirrels, birds, caterpillars and grasshoppers. They also had some taxidermy in one of the buildings which personally I find disgusting and odd considering we were in a place that was all about sustaining nature?!

It was 3pm by the time we left Fort Whyte Alive and drove to our Airbnb house. It was more difficult than we were expecting as every left turn the GPS told us to take had ‘no turn left’ but we figured it out in the end. Annoyingly the roadside parking only allowed you to park there for 1 hour between 9am – 5:30pm but we managed to stay there for the evening without getting a fine so that was good. We met our friendly new host and she showed us around her house and recommended that we took all our stuff out of the car as the neighbourhood wasn’t so safe (yikes).

Despite our hosts efforts to find us a pub with some live music for the evening, we ended up getting some Poutine at Smoke’s Poutinerie which was our first experience of the Canadian dish and it was incredible. As we were walking home there were thousands of Winnipeg Jets hockey fans coming out of the stadium which was reassuring because the walk to the Poutinerie was quite un-nerving with dimly lit streets and dodgy looking people. The crowds looked pretty happy (due to the Jets win) but also probably because Canada had also just won the ice hockey world cup (noooo). Europe were winning 1-0 for most of the game until the last 5 minutes when Canada scored and then also went onto score another goal in overtime to secure their win of the 2016 world cup (kudos to them they are a pretty good team).


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