Markets, Museums & More Hockey

Winnipeg Day 2

We were up before 10am in order to move the car to a car park for the day. We walked through the city to Forks National Historic Site and wondered around the park. Little did we know it was kid’s day out at the Forks that day! The Forks market was not what I was expecting it to be, but seemed to be more of a food hall and souvenir shop area which was great with strong smelling foods and freebies. After the market we headed to the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. Now, I’m not generally a museum person but it was quite interesting, looking at everything such as WW2, the 60’s scoop and the women’s right to vote to name a few. It was just our luck that the tower had maintenance going on when we wanted to go up so we went down to reception to find they didn’t know anything about it. Fortunately, it opened 10 mins later and we managed to go up just before the museum shut and got some great views over Winnipeg.

We walked back through town to get the car as it was nearing 6pm when the ticket ran out, but not before grabbing a snack size Poutine on our way. The city was buzzing yet again due to another Jets game at the MTS centre. We had a chilled evening re-packing so that the car wasn’t so difficult to navigate on the road! Overall, Winnipeg is alright but there just doesn’t seem like much to do and it’s a bit scary walking around at night.


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