F1, Festivals & Foxes

Winnipeg to Gimli

We had a nice relaxing morning, delighted with P3/P4 for Verstappen and Ricciardo in the F1, but not so ecstatic with P1 (Hamilton)! We went to Assiniboine Park for a leisurely stroll and had the chance to watch some cricket and paid a brief visit to the conservatory but due to the wedding that was there taking photos there was a limited amount to see. There was a cool nature playground for kids and we had fun watching some posing yoga geese (they could have also been playing musical statues) on the grass! There was also live music, geese performing synchronised swimming and these awesome quad bicycles which had space for a family of 4.

The next part of our journey was to Winnipeg Beach so we could put our feet in the water and stroll barefoot along the soft sand (the water was freezing). We then drove to Gimli and had a walk along the boardwalk next to the harbour where there were loads of people fishing for the famous Pickerel. We had dinner at the Seagull Harbour restaurant where we definitely underestimated the size of the dishes. We were going to treat ourselves and get a starter and main; however, the appetizers in Canada evidently aren’t the same as UK starters because not even 2 people could get through the ridiculous amount of nachos they give you! I then had pickerel tacos to taste the local fish and was complimented by the waitress on my poofy hippy trousers and on our accents. The small town which seemed pretty dead when we arrived had become alive when we had finished our dinner, as it was the ‘Nuit Blanche’ celebrations, which is an annual night-time arts festival which happens across Canada. There was a country duo on the main stage singing a cover of George Ezra’s ‘Listen to the Man’ and we saw a guy carving wood into a perching owl using a chainsaw before taking part in painting pottery pieces in an art gallery! They had toadstools, Inukshuks, hearts and snakes to paint – of course I did a toadstool because of all my photos and Tim did the classic Inukshuk because they have been everywhere on our trip (find out more here – http://www.inukshukgallery.com/inukshuk.html). There were loads of cool pieces of art with mini canvases on mini easels and a great young rock band playing outside who were probably only 12/13 years old and were playing ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC. We wandered down the main street to find a guy playing jazz guitar outside a cute little random retro shop selling chalk paint and giving loads of cool ideas for your house.

We then headed off into the darkness for the Hecla Islands to find a layby to sleep in. On our way we came across a dead raccoon in the road as well as a shuffling porcupine and a young fox! The road seemed to go nowhere into a dark abyss of blackness. The Sat Nav decided to take us to a dead end but fortunately someone else had the same idea and had found a layby near the lake with toilets. It was not a good night’s sleep as it was so hot and every time a car drove down the road with its headlights on it woke me up!


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