Breakfast, Belugas & Baseball

Arriving in Churchill, Day 1

There were a few rattles and shakes but otherwise it was a quiet and relatively comfortable night’s sleep for a train! Glad we didn’t spend silly money for a sleeper when we could just put the foot rests up and convert 4 seats in a double bed. Breakfast was as amazing as dinner, we both had the full shebang – ham, sausages, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, pancakes and tea (only $13)! We arrived shortly after breakfast and went into the visitors centre to figure out where to get our lift from. We had a look around the exhibition that was there about all the local wildlife and waited for ages for out shuttle to the hotel. Annoyingly, I had seen the shuttle about 1 hour before but the bus didn’t have a sign on it and the guy didn’t bother to come inside to check. After asking the visitors centre lady if she could call the hotel, the car rocked up and ended up giving is a full tour of the town.

The hotel that we were supposed to be staying in ended up not having enough rooms renovated for us to stay so we were put up in the hotel across from that – The Polar Inn. The rooms were lovely, complete with coffee machines and TV! We weren’t really sure what to do with our day, so we ended up taking the recommendation of the lady at the visitors centre and got a taxi to Cape Merry Battery. It was definitely worth the visit, despite not being able to feel my toes afterward! The Parks Canada guide was really interesting and gave us the full tour of the history of the Fort Prince of Wales. We also had a lady with us with a massive rifle just in case a Polar Bear decided to pay a visit! Unfortunately, we didn’t spot any Beluga Whales or Arctic Foxes much to our taxi drivers dismay, but it was fun nonetheless.

We had lunch at a place called Gypsy’s and had a chill stroll around town within the safe areas whilst remaining alert at all times. We had fun walking around the town complex, but there was literally nothing in it and there were no maps in it either!  We found the ice hockey arena, but unfortunately there was no one in there for us to watch. There were loads of primary school kids zooming around on little cars going crazy it was quite amusing to watch.  We had a wander around the Eskimo Museum and the spent the afternoon relaxing in the hotel. Dinner was at the Tundra Inn restaurant where Tim was disappointed to find the bison burgers had sold out, but he had a yummy vegetarian burger instead and some beer. As we were watching the Blue Jays beat the Baltimore Orioles, an air raid siren went off in the background. Uh-oh – bear in town?!?! We googled it to find it was much less exciting and was actually just a curfew for children. Our day ended with the good news the Ricciardo had won the F1, followed by Verstappen and Rosberg (yaaaay).


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