Malls, Milkshakes & Masterminds


It was a late rise the next day, waking up at 11am – oops! We decided it didn’t leave us enough time to visit Prince Albert as the trail we wanted to do to Grey Owl’s cabin was a 20km loop and we didn’t want to risk getting stuck in more snow, so instead we had a relaxed day in Saskatoon. We had lunch at the Park Café with a much needed hot chocolate after a freezing night as well as a delicious bean soup and burger. We then did some shopping in the midtown plaza where we treated ourselves to some new hockey skates due to not seeing any polar bears. The guy in the shop was really nice and helped us out, intrigued by our travels. We also discovered David’s Tea (the most amazing tea shop ever) which contains every flavour of tea you can possibly imagine. We had the opportunity to try out some tasters – that day there was pumpkin cheesecake and Tim tried an apple tea. The salesman in the shop was like an excited child it was quite funny, very enthusiastic about tea and also amazed by our travels too.

There were loads of shops solely dedicated to selling caps and jerseys for baseball, hockey and CFL teams. We experienced our first Booster Juice beverage where we had the ‘funky monkey’ milkshake which you might guess had banana, chocolate almond milk and frozen yoghurt (really tasty). Because we were both a bit homesick we decided to do something we would do at home so we went to the cinema to watch Masterminds which was a silly film about a bunch of guys staging a robbery that went horribly wrong. Much to our amusement, during the adverts there were interactive hockey where you could play to get scene points and win free tickets and also an advert for a community day they put on where families can watch films for free!

We finally went home to have a warm overpriced shower and hoping to do some laundry, but soon discovered we didn’t have any laundry detergent and the campsite shop was shut due to it being thanksgiving. Poop. We layered up for another cold night in the car, where it proceeded to snow even more, covering the entire side of the car at one point but soon swept away by the icy wind and rain that followed.


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