Appreciation, Art & Actors

Regina to Moose Jaw

We had a heavenly night’s sleep in a super comfy bed and David even made us breakfast muffins with bacon, egg and cheese – yum! We enjoyed more conversation about traveling and politics and rip-off TV broadcasting (Sky). It was a cozy little home which had so much potential, but because of David’s lifestyle it meant there wasn’t much time to renovate the house and not much point with all his traveling. We said our goodbyes and he told us that if we ever ran into any trouble or we needed help we could contact him – a very kind gesture for an almost stranger!

We had a short walk around Kiwanis waterfall park where there was a small water feature which is popular for wedding photos. We also enjoyed walking along the river in the snow and saw a couple of really cute huskies out on a walk. We were also reassured that the full protection on our car hire insurance would cover the damages to the car from the deer collision in Saskatoon. Our next stop – Moose Jaw with lots of farmland on our way, though unfortunately the visitors centre was shut. All parking downtown was free as it was thanksgiving though (hooray) and we walked around the town in search of the famous Moose Jaw murals. We popped into a gift shop which stank of the sweetest sweets ever (slightly too much!) then we went on our Moose Jaw tunnels tour which ended up just being the two of us.

We thought it was going to be a bit awkward if we didn’t find the jokes funny but it was a really good experience. It was all about Al Capone and his smuggling of whiskey when it was banned. He used the soo line and ended up in Moose Jaw which is also known as little Chicago. In the tour, we were a couple of bootleggers who wanted to buy booze. Two tour guides who were also actors called Fanny and Gus led us around the underground tunnels. It was great fun exploring rooms like fanny’s club, Al Capone’s office and bedroom and walked around the tunnels after Gus who liked to speed off ahead and then jump out on us! He got to know us a bit during the tour  and made fun of Tim because he didn’t buy me a valentine’s gift this year and doesn’t pull out my seat when I sit down, oh and hasn’t bought me a ‘rock’ yet after nearly 3 years of being together, it was hilarious. He made Tim go ahead at all points where he could be ‘shot’ and made him take off his boot because he couldn’t grab the cards quickest at a silly game we played. The actor pulled off a very thick Chicago accent which was brilliant but also impossible to understand so the tour took some concentrating!

We headed into the social house for an early dinner and the waitress kindly gave us a few suggestions of things we could do, although we didn’t end up doing any because most of them were shut and once we’d got to the campsite we couldn’t be bothered to drive back to the spa. It was a chilly evening in the car yet again and we took advantage of the hot showers before wrapping up warm for another cold night in the car.


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